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WODESS Cameroun

WODESS Cameroun

Operation sanitary pads to young girls and women

Meet the dynamic TEAM WODESS in Africa – Cameroon on a great humanitarian work on 27.6.2018. Women Designed For Success partnering with National Concert for all Saints on a rescue mission operation SANITARY PADS.
Menstrual cycle for women is not a disease but a natural part of a woman’s life. Having the right resources such as sanitary pads during a woman’s period should be the ultimate goal and rights for every woman. Having the right resources to preserve health, prevent bacteria and infection is what every woman needs. A woman’s cycle should never prevent or interrupt her education because she lacks sanitary pads. As such WODESS with a mission of Operation Sanitary pads one girl at a time to ensure these girls can study comfortably without fear of social embarrassment. Be a part of Operation Sanitary pads one girl at a time.

Thank you for the great work. Please be a part of our mission supplying sanitary pads to the needy girls.