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Press Release GBF Helsinki 2019

Press Release GBF Helsinki 2019

Date: 01.11.2019
Time: 8.30 to 17.00
Theme: Diversity and Inclusion in Business, Leadership, and Workforce
Place: Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Jan- Magnus Janssonin Aukio 4 – Helsinki

Women Designed for Success (WODESS) is organizing the 1st annual Global Business Forum –Helsinki scheduled to take place in Helsinki Finland on 01.11.2019 from 9.00 to 17.00 at Arcada University of Applied Sciences. The theme for this conference is Diversity and Inclusion in Leadership, business, and the workforce.

The event seeks to bring together entrepreneurs, startup businesses, leaders, students, and the workforce under the same roof to discuss diversity at various levels. The event is also designed to provide information, specifically to migrants who would like to start businesses. There will be an opportunity to begin a dialogue regarding the importance of diversity management in leadership and the workforce, and other staff members from Arcada University will be present.

The event is run and powered by Women Designed for Success (WODESS) and in collaboration with the Arcada Entrepreneurship Society. We have formed a strong collaborative network with Stradigo, Jehom Driving School, Arcada University of Applied sciences, SimpleTech Solutions, Absinthe Power Events, Traxer Ltd, the Hampton Conference Centre, AC Matilda Enterprises and Council for Creative Education, and media partners INS Trade Media Service.

The keynote speaker of this event is, Her Excellency the South African Ambassador to Finland and Estonia, Carmen Smidt. Amongst other speakers are the City Councilor of the city of Vantaa Jenni Chen-Ye, the Director of International Nursing program of Arcada University, Pamela Gray, and more. There will be a fashion show from West Africa and a strong alliance of 7 Arabic countries under the name Arabic Heritage fashion show.

The orators for this forum are seasoned speakers from diverse works and backgrounds. Many are entrepreneurs and leaders from their work companies and organizations. The motivation and inspiration for organizing Global Business Forum came from the need for entrepreneurs and startups in Finland to promote employment and entrepreneurship within the minority communities of immigrants to integrate with society, and also to encourage diversity and inclusion in business, leadership and the workforce.

Women Designed for Success is a non‐governmental organization based in Finland with the aim to empower the community in general especially women through recognition in the areas of business, education, charity giving, sports performance, and entrepreneurship, among other things. WODESS also presents the special edition of their annual hard copy magazine to showcase the achievements of entrepreneurs and encourage them and others by sharing their stories.

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