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Golden Awards

Golden Awards

The purpose of the Awards is to appreciate the Women that have been influencing the community through excellence of services and profession thereby empowering them and encouraging others to become excellent.

The Idea to recognize, appreciate, and encourage hard work or success has always been motivating to beneficiaries and aspirants. The objective of this event is to do just that: to motivate, stir up or even create a passion for hard work and excellence among women living in Finland.

The Golden Women Awards is opened to all organizations in Finland and recognize the achievements of Women executives, entrepreneurs, artists,  employers and the organizations they run. The Award judges include many of the world’s most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators. We seek to recognize those who were not given the opportunity to excel yet excelled because they seized and made maximum use of it.

The evening also features special guest artists, talents and fashion shows all run by dynamic women. Following the Award ceremony, is a grand Banquet and Gala.

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