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Talk Show first edition

The 1st edition of the WODESS Talk-Show hosted by Josephine Atanga and Elli Niaria on the occasion of the International Women’s Day celebration in Helsinki-Finland.

With a great producer like Josephine Atanga to include a Talk-show on the 2015 celebration celebrating the Power of Successful Women and it became a hit. The event was organized by Caisa cultural Center, Skaa ry/Scadaa, Monika-Naiset, Afaes and Moniheli.

WODESS Talk show has become the mark and voice of Women Designed for Success, bringing TALK- SHOWS live to many events in Finland. Women see these SHOWS as a new effective medium to have their works in the limelight.

Women are grateful for these opportunities, hoping that this TALK-SHOWS will find it’s place on national Televisions in Finland and around the world through WODESS.

( WOMEN DESIGNED FOR SUCCESS ) WODESS ry is an organization with a vision to empower women to become successful in whatever they were designed to become from birth.