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For the first time in Finland, Women Designed For Success in collaboration with Kirjanpitopalvelu Kostama, Jehom Driving School Oy, Pentisol Oy, Inkuto Natural Skin Care Products, Vanhankylän Kartano, Mahdottomasta Mahdollinen and Järvenpään Kukkatalo will be organizing a business Sauna for International/Finnish Women entrepreneurs with the theme “Cross-Cultural Business”.

Cross-cultural Business specifically touches on the importance of societal values, such as the study of Hofstede, as well as the key topics of attire, greeting, dining etiquette, gift-giving, and email communications. With business becoming increasingly globalized, it has become rare not to come across other cultures when dealing with clients, colleagues and managers. Cross-cultural interactions are unavoidable, and generally accepted proprieties should be understood and learned by all. Since there are many specific formalities to each culture, the most effective solution would be to research the specific country in depth before an interaction. An innocent cultural misconception can be a catastrophic ending to a crucial business deal.” ( Tanaka et al, 2015)_ Cross-cultural etiquettes

The International / Finnish women Entrepreneur Sauna is a unique business event that seeks to use the popular Finnish sauna as a forum and platform where prominent women Entrepreneurs can relax while seeking for better and more effective ways to carry out cross-cultural businesses in Finland. It also seeks to look at overcoming challenges in a multicultural business world, business mentorship, and doing business from the perspective of the Finnish society. We believe that bringing both Finnish business women CEOs and international women business CEOs they will have a relaxed platform to exchange meaningful ideas. It is a starter idea that fosters a business working relationship between the international business women and Finnish business women entrepreneurs.

The purpose of this event is to bring together women entrepreneurs living in Finland; to share their experiences as women CEOs, their challenges, ways to overcome these challenges as women, learning more about the international market that is fast growing in Finland while at the same time learning the Finnish culture of doing business. This will increase the solidarity and cooperation between Finnish women entrepreneurs and international women entrepreneur doing business in Finland.
This event will also encourage businesswomen to gain knowledge through mentorship in the future.