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The African woman is a giant that is sleeping and must get up. The power that lies in her is limited. From time past, she was made to believe that her life depends on that of a man thus she cannot take decisions that will be of help to her either socially, physically, financially and sometimes spiritually.

She is made to believe that she is of little value and can’t contribute to the development of her community. Worst of all her financial power is so limited thus believing that the main source of her financial uplifting is by selling herself for money. This makes her realize that she does not know her value due to lack of personal development.

The African woman thus needs to understand herself and her importance as a woman designed by the creator for success. Success first of all as a human being, then as a mother and finally as a nation builder. There is a need for a complete paradigm shift through enlightenment, education, training and helping them used their hands and heads to raise finances that will be of help to her. You can know the depth of your love for others the way you do to yourself.

The African woman can be helped to unleash her potentials in all areas through trainings on personal development, empowering her financially in projects that will boost her morals and voice in the society. By funding and creating microcredit programs that help generate sustainable income and create economic prosperity.

The projects could also includes developing small scale businesses like;

  • Hair salon, aesthetics and restaurants
  • Farming agricultural products such as tomatoes, vegetables and fruits that are presently scarce and just can’t meet up the need of the rapidly growing population.
  • Raising up farms to rear birds and animals
  • The developments of sewing industries, food and supplement industries
  • Creating sports centres to fight against obesity and weight management
  • The development of counseling centres.

It’s also our greatest desire to see the projects of WODESS strive tremendously here in Africa