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Women Designed for Success (WODESS) is an association registered in Finland with the vision of encouraging and building up successful women. We believe there is a seed of greatness embedded in every woman, but it is not every one that can step out and unleash that greatness by herself. We believe that by coming and identifying that seed in every woman it can be nurtured to bloom into a great success story.

WODESS seeks a comprehensive approach in looking at a successful woman. To be successful, we believe that women need to find a balance socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. The African proverb says, “it takes a village to raise a child” so we at WODESS believe that “It takes unity to make a woman successful”.

Women Designed for Success is all about you! It carries a message to remind you that…
Wherever you find yourself today…
Whatever you are experiencing during this season of your life…
However, your history or your past contains…

You were beautifully and magnificently designed for an incredible purpose. It is all about women and the success of you that must be unleashed to help you fulfill your vision. You are a success story. That is why you were designed.

Women designed for success is all about finding your purpose as a woman and living that purpose to the fullest. It is about unity and cooperation as women from different backgrounds. We cherish our differences and celebrate our similarities. We are the voice of successful women.

You are a “Woman Designed for Success”.